On November 30th 2017, WID CFL was proud to host a panel of experts for a Big Data Technology Talk

during the 2017 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) at the Orange

County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.    The panelists lead a lively discussion and took questions from the audience

on topics that not only covered Big Data technology, but also ethical considerations, data privacy and ownership, and

emerging trends in big data processing.


WID CFL extends its appreciation to the distinguished panelists: Dr. Cali Fidopiastis of Design Interactive,

Dr. Sae Schatz from the ADL Initiative-Office of the Secretary of Defense, Dr. Liz Gehr from Boeing,

Dr. Denise Nicolson of Soar Technology, Inc. and Dr. Lauren Reinerman from the Institute for

Simulation and Training at UCF.  We thank them for sharing their time, domain knowledge and experiences

as applied to training and education.  We also thank Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T) for sponsoring

the event.  WID CFL looks forward to more technology talks in 2018!